Marine Environmental targets
     linked to Regional Management schemes
                based on Indicators
                     Developed for the Mediterranean
Marine Environmental targets linked to Regional Management schemes based on Indicators Developed for the Mediterranean
February 2013 – September 2015
MERMAID is a SEAS-ERA (EU FP7 ERA-NET) project with the aim to provide additional scientific understanding for assessing Good Environmental Status (GES) in a coherent and holistic manner by a state of the art methodology that will be developed for five descriptors and applied in three study areas of the Mediterranean Sea, and proceed with linking the management measures designed for these areas to the targets set up for the achievement of GES.
Scientific Objectives
• To contribute to a more thorough assessment of the environmental quality of Mediterranean areas
• To elaborate on established knowledge and data gaps and propose appropriate monitoring and methodological approaches
• To set SMART environmental objectives that will contribute further to define GES, adapting the targets towards its achievement
• To identify the links between established targets and management measures
Five Descriptors
D3   Populations of all commercially exploited fish and shellfish are within safe biological limits, exhibiting a population age and size distribution that is indicative of a healthy stock.
D7   Permanent alteration of hydrographical conditions does not adversely affect marine ecosystems
D8   Concentrations of contaminants are at levels not giving rise to pollution effects
D9   Contaminants in fish and other seafood for human consumption do not exceed levels established by Community legislation or other relevant standards
D10  Properties and quantities of marine litter do not cause harm to the coastal and marine environment
Four research topics OR Four work packages
• Identification and quantification of the state indicators for the assessment of the environmental quality
• Definition of GES and propose or adapt targets towards its achievement
• Design of integrated monitoring programmes for the assessment of Ecological Status
• Linking targets and management measures
Three study areas
MERMAID is set to achieve its objectives by treating the selected pressures (over-fishing, contaminants, marine litter and altered hydrographical conditions) in an integrated manner across countries with different backgrounds and capacities as well as legislative and management schemes (EU (France and Greece) vs non EU countries (Turkey)). This transboundary approach will allow (a) to benefit from the commonalities in the area and (b) to transfer the capacity across descriptors and the countries through the adoption of common methodologies. The comparative approach will help interpreting results and extrapolating them on a wider range than just in non-related case-studies.

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