Marine Environmental targets
     linked to Regional Management schemes
                based on Indicators
                     Developed for the Mediterranean
MERMAID Publications
Marine Litter Studies in Cilician Basin
Marine environmental targets linked to regional management schemes based on indicators developed for the Mediterranean Sea – The MERMAID Project
Modeling expert judgment to assess cost-effectiveness of EU Marine
Strategy Framework Directive programs of measures
Who is responsible? A new methodology for determining marine litter sources
MERMAID Related Publications
Classify Plastic Waste as hazardous Nature
Good Environmental Status of marine ecosystems: What is it and how do
we know when we have attained it?
Evaluating and Ranking the Vulnerability of Global Marine Ecosystems to Anthropogenic Threats
Fine-Scale Cartography of Human Impacts along French Mediterranean Coasts: A Relevant Map for the Management of Marine Ecosystems
How do you perceive environmental change? Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping informing stakeholder analysis for environmental policy making and non-market valuation
Cumulative Human Impacts on Mediterranean and Black Sea Marine Ecosystems: Assessing Current Pressures and Opportunities
Economic instruments and marine litter control
UNEP / Development of assessement criteria for hazardous substances in the Mediterranean
UNEP / Proposed GES and thargets regarding ecological objectives on pollution and litter cluster
The geological cycle of plastics and their use as a stratigraphic indicator of the Anthropocene
Using expert elicitation to estimate the impacts of plastic pollution on marine wildlife
Novel methods, new results and science-based solutions to tackle marine debris impacts on wildlife

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